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CONSTANTA is a private travel agency that has unrivalled experience in hunting, fishing and extreme tourism.

CONSTANTA organizes tours in different hunting areas: Karelia and Karelia isthmus, Tosno, Volchov and Kingisep areas of Leningrad region, Pskov and Novgorod regions.

Each area differs in terrain and wildlife. This means we can offer a wide variety of game and wildfowl hunts.


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CONSTANTA supplies professional experienced guides for each hunter (except on group drive hunts). Our guides know their hunting areas intimately using traditional Russian hunting methods to make your hunting trip an unqualified success!

CONSTANTA provides accommodation on a full board basis in comfortable hunting lodges. The meals, of European and traditional Russian cuisine, are served in the hunting lodge or the forest, dependant upon the type and location of the hunt..


CONSTANTA guarantees to provide all the documents our clients will need for the Russian Federation: visa confirmation, weapons license and documents for exporting trophies including CITES.


There is a rich variety of wildlife in European North-West region of Russia BROWN BEAR, ELK, WILD BOAR, WOLF, HARE, CAPERCAILLIE, WOODGROUSE and WATERFOWL are all plentiful.